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Hey Everyone...

It's very nearly Friday! I can't wait, today has been another long day at work. But let's focus on the good things...

Last night at Big Girl Craft Club I finished off two brooches I started a week or two back when I was off sick from work...

I think they look pretty cute! I'm about to post them on folksy to sell - so fingers crossed they do! They were nice and relaxing to make and I plan to make some prettier ones next time when I get some pretty fabric.

I spent the rest of the club cutting triangles ready for some bunting for my kitchen. They are all ready to sew, they just need washing and ironing first...

The fabric is from an old bedsheet belonging to the fiance's dad which he kindly donated to me - the pattern is lovely and I would love to make a table cloth from it but it is very thin! Any ideas how I could do it?

Yesterday when I got home from work I found that my old little orchid has re-bloomed. This is it's third ever bloom, and it only bloomed a month or two ago, and there is another branch of buds already growing! Considering it took almost a year between the first and second blooms I'm pretty excited about all the blooms so soon!

So tonight I need to relax. The fiance has been trying to cheer me up as my detox has been going badly. That's not to say I'm not being strict - I AM, but I've only lost 1lb since Monday, and I'm not sure how as I'm not really eating anything - oh well 2 days left! So the fiance bought me this....

It's a fantastic film! Really gripping and cleverly shot to show the trauma the young guy goes through! The fiance hasn't seen it as I saw it with some work friends, so we're going to watch it together tonight.

Thinking of this film gives me bitter sweet memories. I went to see it at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead which is a beautiful old cinema. I saw it with a group of girls from my old job and we had a fantastic evening, dinner, drinks and the cinema (where we got wine and cheesecake - it's the best!) but now I don't see any of them as we've all gone our seperate ways! I wish we still all worked together! I need to stop moping lol, so...

Guess what I have?...

Tickets to see Glee live! Yes I am a gleek! I love the show and the fiance's dad bought me these tickets for my birthday! It was soooo generous of him, and now it's less than two weeks away I'm getting soooo excited! We're planning to go for dinner first so it will be a real night out, which we haven't had in a long time! Yay!

What do you all have planned to look forward to?

Jewel x


  1. Those brooches are gorgeous, they are sure to sell right out!

  2. EEK you are going to see GLEE, sooooooooooooo jealous!
    Brooches are lovely, I really enjoy making felt brooches and can't wait to see the bunting!

    B xxx

  3. I'll be going to bed with 127 Hours this evening!

    Victoria xx

  4. hey hun, you can make the table cloth by lining the fabric? if you line it with a lighter colour it should stiffen it up a bit and make it suitable as a tablecloth, if you pick the fabric wisely you could have a reversible table cloth

  5. 127 Hours is really hard to watch in a certain place! eek! Let us know if you managed to watch it without cringing :o) Scarlett x

  6. Thanks for the reminder, I must add that to my list of DVDs to watch! Great brooches, very cute.

  7. Love those hearts, so cute and pretty!



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