Well That's A Relief...

Hey Everyone...

Just wanted to update you on my car situation, as you've all been lovely and so concerned!

Well it's fixed! It wasn't without it's dramas though! I kept getting unknown calls all day yesterday and today, and I guessed it was something to do with my car but they never left a message. I called my insurance company today and they told me it was because the garage had had to put my car out on the road to make space, leaving it open the weather and thieves.

But by the time I'd spoken to them, the fiance had already overseen the windscreens being replaced, and the garage had told him he should keep it there another night for the windscreens to set, despite the actually windscreen engineer saying it would only need an hour! This would have cost me £80 to keep it there overnight - just another way to scam me out of money!

Then when I picked up the car this afternoon from the fiance's work, I noticed the aerial and radio front were missing! We hot footed it back and they returned them - I wonder if they would have if we hadn't gone straight back!

The windscreen engineer also got chatting to the fiance - saying he was sure it was all a scam, as even through his company he can access the names, addresses, and where people store there cars for all of my insurance companies clients - so the garage probably could too - and therefore work out where vulnerable old cars were, knowing they would get sent to their repair shop (for writing off - even if they don't need to be) when they got damaged.

Of course this is all speculation - but seems to coincidental to me that they told me it would be written off before they even saw it.

Anyway, I have made a formal complaint to my insurance company about the garage and will be avoiding them like the plague. I'm tempted to write to watchdog, and whatever standards agency is involved in car repair centres too...

So all that's left is to get my number plates permanently fitted (and to pay off the £100 bill) and everything is supposedly back to normal. Phew!

Although, I wouldn't bet on it that the garage haven't tampered with my car, or copied my key for all I know, and they know where I live! Eeek!

Jewel x


  1. Scarey how some 'business' work. Good on you though!

  2. Scandalous. Perhaps you should write to your local paper, altho they might then try to sue you for libel. I wouldn't put anything past them.

  3. That is so so awful - what a sorry tale of con men. Drives me batty. Glad it is sorted and hopefully you can drive happy. x

  4. Such a frightening story! It's good you're sharing it with us all to be vigilant.

    Glad your car is back with you,

    Victoria xx


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