Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...

Hey Everyone,

Well today I wanted to show you my beautiful new mirror! Years and years ago I bought a rusty old mirror from a car boot - I can't even remember how much I paid but I know it wasn't much (a pound or two).

I took it home and had no idea what to do with it. I was still living at home with parents and it was too big for my room. It was covered in cobwebs and the tarnished copper looked horrid but I loved the design.

I kept fighting my parents not to throw it out and it was relegated to the shed. Then when I moved out we found it again and my parents suggested we actually do something with it.

That was a year and a half ago, but on Sunday I stopped in on my mum and she said she had a present for me! Guess what I found....

This beautifully refurbished, powder coated mirror! My dad knew someone at work who could do it, and they charged £30, which my dad kindly paid for!

It's a shame I don't have a 'before' picture so you could see just how dramatic the transformation is!

It is fantastic and looks stunning in our bedroom - absolutely perfect...

Soon we will hang it on the wall - I think above the stool here - as it's the only big enough space for it to go and should make a good impact!

I love it so much! Just goes to show sometimes it's a good idea to hold onto things, even if they seem unuseable! Thank you mum & dad!

Jewel x


  1. Ooh it looks great! As you say it will be a real statement.

  2. I remember my mam having one of those mirrors years ago and it was gold. Yours looks lovely painted and it certainly was worth holding onto,what kind parents you have, Lucey x

  3. I can see why you kept on at them not to throw it away, it's gorgeous xxx

  4. What wonderful parents you have, it's beautiful.

  5. Fab new mirror and what a lovely surprise!

    Victoria xxx


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